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CIF on Adobe Tech Blog

CIF on Adobe Tech Blog

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In the last few weeks and months, my colleagues and I have written several articles for the Adobe Tech Blog. Since I am also presenting some of my professional projects here, I wanted to take the opportunity and briefly introduce them.

Taking a Deep Dive into Adobe Experience Manager’s Commerce Integration Framework

This is the first article in a series that we wrote about the Commerce Integration Framework (CIF) - the project I’m current working on most of my time at Adobe.
CIF is a powerful Adobe Experience Manager extension for building integrated and seamless content and e-commerce experiences.

Architecting a Better Ecommerce Experience with Commerce Integration Framework

The second post on CIF explains the high level architecture, cloud-native integration concepts and explains the core elements of the Commerce Integration Framework:

How CIF Integrates with Adobe Commerce and Third-Party Commerce Solutions

The most extensive blog post on CIF so far goes deep and explains the architecture details on how AEM & CIF integration works. It explains the different integration scenarios and options projects can apply to integrate Adobe Experience Manager with Adobe Commerce or third-party commerce solutions.

Building Rich Content and Commerce Experiences with CIF

The 4th blog post is a little context switch. While the first three posts have been all about architecture, infrastructure and integration options, this article is for the business user. We give an overview of the functionality of CIF and explain the individual functions that an AEM author has to create engaging commerce experiences.

Have fun while reading the posts.